i’m “one of those people” now

man oh man, look at what we’ve got here. another white girl with a blog trying to make herself sound more intelligent whilst also trying to convince people that she really has a handle on this whole “life” thing that we’re all doing right now. i’m so sorry. i’d like to say that this is going to be something crazy cool and something that you’ll look forward to reading due to my inspiring words, insane and unbelievable adventures, or sharable lists similar to those already shared and love dearly by myself and others, but in reality, thats just not the case. this thing right here is more or less going to just be me rambling on and on about my mundane life and going in deeper on what it is that i’ve experienced for my own reflection on things rather than for the entertainment of others. so now you might be asking, “abby, if you’re not going to be entertaining us with your unusual yet lovable brand of dry humor, why on earth are you putting it online in the first place?” and the honest answer to that is, i don’t know. i could just as easily be writing all of this into a journal that i have in my bedside table where only i can see it, but something about putting everything online where others can see is appealing, so we’re just gonna go with it. i’ll do my best to make this fun and witty though don’t you worry.

in all actuality though, if you have any interest in keeping up with whatever this turns out to be, thanks. i can put a fair amount of certainty in saying that i’ll talk a lot about anything and everything ranging from my cat and my ungodly makeup collection that i still don’t properly know how to use, to things like my anxiety and what exactly it is for me and how it plays a part in my life. so, strap in and get ready folks, we’ve got quite the trip ahead of us. lets all hope for the best.

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