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let’s decide to not be mean, okay?

i just wrote a long post talking about things such as my views on planned parenthood, lgbtq+ rights, and the 2016 election, but because i know some of you who might stumble upon this could turn and be very hostile towards me, i decided not to post it. i may some day decide to share that with you all, but the fact that i think people i’m “friends” with could be so hurtful via internet comments is an entirely separate issue.

this is my first election season in which i am old enough to both vote and to actually understand whats going on and what each individual candidate is standing up for. i was in iowa about a month ago for their caucuses. before going up there, i decided to take action and look into each and every candidate, both democrat and republican, so i could be a well educated voter. that was without a doubt the most beneficial thing that i’ve done this year so far. i was able to take the things that i felt most passionate about and see which candidate i lined up best with, and that was bernie sanders. but, through that research, i was able to learn about all of the other candidates from clinton to trump to cruz, and i was able to learn to understand how other people could potentially see them as their candidate.

there are things that i see as people do that correspond with their choice in candidate that i think of as extremely hateful and unacceptable, but those same actions are things that those same people see as the right thing to do. that concept to me is just so insane and something that i am still learning to understand. while i’m choosing to fight for women and for members of the lgbtq+ community to all have access to basic human rights, other people have the opinion that it is right to oppose it. the beauty of democracy though is that that we have the right to think differently. this is something we all have the opportunity to learn more about and see more of over the next few months during this whirl-wind of an election. though i do hope that people will come around and see things from my perspective, i will always respect and understand that not everyone will ever see these issues in the same light that i do. hopefully others chose to start expressing their opinions in a less hatful way though, as if someone is reasonable and gives educated opinions, i’m much more likely to listen to you. if you chose to just shout your opinion at me, first of all i’ll probably cry which is unfortunate for us all, but then i’ll also not take anything you say to heart and won’t then have anything to think on about because theres nothing of substance in that kind of a discussion.

well, that was a bit more of a tangent that i expected, but whatever. i enjoyed writing it and thats all that matters. i hope this helps some of you in either deciding to go out and educate yourselves on each of the candidates more, or it opens your eyes into how hurtful you or someone you’re close to is and you decide to step up and change that.

i promise my next post will be talking about why you should be listening to “Hamilton” or just a lot of pictures of my cat and will be much less “problematic”. until then, thanks for reading and i hope this at least inspired half of a thought for you. enjoy this selfie of me and hillary clinton until then because how many other people can say the have a selfie taken by the secretary of state?IMG_0400

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