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welcome to kansas, we probably hate you

ah kansas. the sunflower state. setting of the classic 1939 film “the wizard of oz”. right in the middle of the good ‘ol US of A. a place where, as our state song clearly states, “seldom is heard, a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day”. doesn’t this place just sound too good to be true? an actual heaven on earth? well kids, what we’ve got here is quite the opposite. here in kansas, we believe in homophobia, racism, removal of funding from schools, and electing officials that embody all of that, twice. ah kansas. what a place to call home.

in the past few days, a video clip from “late night with seth meyers” has been shared around by myself and many others that puts the insanity that is the kansas state government into a comedic form that explains the issue to others, which i’ll link here. in a nutshell, the video explains the drastic tax cuts on the wealthy and eleminated income taxes for small businesses as a “experiment” conducted by our beloved governor, sam brownback. yes. an experiment. an experiment that didn’t work and lead us to fall behind in job growth compared to the rest of the country and produced a $688 million loss. because of this massive failure, the state had to raise taxes.  oh, also, at this point, we decided to elect brownback again. nice. here’s the next fun part of this endeavor. now we get to cut classroom funding by $127 million. oh, and take away $50 million from the children’s initiative fund. thats right, we took money from the preschoolers now. and just add a cherry on top of this dessert, the 25,000 new jobs promised by brownback turned out to only be 9,400 private sector jobs. wonderful.

along with the atrocity that is sam brownback’s past governing, we get the more recent news on kansas policies. one of these awesome and fun new bills that we have up for debate is a bill designed so that if anyone sees a transgender student using the bathroom that doesn’t match their “biological sex”, that person can sue the public school/university for up to $2,500. yeah. i wish i was making this up, but never in my wildest dreams did i think that someone using the bathroom could be a platform for a $2,500 lawsuit. the true need for gender neutral public restrooms is an entirely different subject and deserves a post to itself, so for now, here‘s a video that explains why we need this.

what if i told you that wasn’t it? what if i told you that just this past tuesday good ‘ol sam passed the anti-gay “religious liberty” bill into law? yeah. its as bad as it sounds. this bill means that it is now legal for religious groups at all colleges across the state to discriminate against LGBTQ+ students and faculty by not allowing them to participate. literally. I CAN’T MAKE THIS UP. we are living in a state that at this point is ENCOURAGING homophobia. my only hope is that here soon someone with a camera pops out to tell us this was all some sick joke and none of this is real, but something tells me that that just isn’t going to happen.

alright folks, hope you enjoyed this fun lesson on what electing a mad man into office does to your state. but hey, at least the jayhawks are #1.

also big thanks to these sites for the info they gave me:

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