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why do we care about bathrooms?

over the past few days i’ve seen a few people sharing a pledge to boycott target because of it’s move towards progression and against the “bathroom bill” sweeping the nation in all of its hatful glory by saying that people have the option to use whichever changing room or bathroom that fits the gender in which they identify with.

as of right now, that boycott has gained 238,973 digital signatures since its creation on April 20th and is gaining signatures at a rapid rate (about one thousand in just the time it took me to write this post before even getting a chance to edit it. yikes). 238,973 people refuse to shop at target because they believe that inclusivity for those in the transgender community isn’t valid. 238,973 people. here’s the boycott page for anyone interested.

a common concern that i keep reading is that people are convinced that this move will make it so sexual predators have easy access to their victims which at first thought, i can kind of understand. kind of. so i researched it.

first of all, to date, there have been no cases in which a transgender person has committed assault to someone on a pubic bathroom, but over 70% of transgender people have experienced harassment or assault while using a public bathroom (here’s the source for you to go ahead and look at). by forcing members of the transgender community to use the bathroom that they “should be” using, they are subject to the hatred and pain that they feel on a regular basis, but to a whole new level while the statistics show that letting them use their choice bathroom has no negative consequences.

secondly, do you really think that someone would go through all of the ridicule and heartache (and the expenses that come with it) that comes with transitioning just so they could use the opposite restroom to possible get a look at someone through a stall door? no. of course not. that’s insane. next.

now for the concern of actual sexual predators who will tarnish all of the progress that the transgender community has made. first of all, having bathrooms the way they are hasn’t stopped predators before just like letting people use whichever bathroom or changing room they want to won’t increase the number of predators. sexual predators are called predators for a reason. they won’t stop until they catch their next victim. also, as far as predators go, it’s usually white males as nearly 99% of sex offenders in single-victim incidents were male and 6 in 10 were white so may be time to reevaluate who it is that you’re so scared of.

target as well as many other places starting to have inclusive bathrooms is one step closer to one thing that i hope one day we as a society can normalize, which is gender neutral bathrooms in public places all across the globe. no one has to think twice about which restroom they should be using and people can do their business in peace. now to those of you who still plan on boycotting target, go ahead, at least now i know i’ll be able to shop happily without being surrounded people so full of hate and maybe lines will be a little shorter now to check out. and to those of you who are already up in arms over the thought of women and men and everyone in between having to share one public space to go to the bathroom, you’d better watch out, because you might already have a gender neutral bathroom in your own house.all-gender-bathroom

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