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still not a beauty blogger okay

wow this post is REALLY helping my “not a beauty blogger” thing but whatever. I was #blessed enough to get my hands on the current talk of the town as far as eye shadow palettes go, the because 35O (order yours here and use the code save15now to save 15% dudes). I posted a photo of this guy to my snapchat as well as tweeting it and I had four different people within 10 minutes ask me to swatch it and give my first thoughts so, even though I cannot emphasize ENOUGH that I do NOT know as much about makeup as some people seem to think I do, so take this as just your “everyman” review of this palette and watch a pro give a review if you want a legitimate review. also, I don’t have fancy cameras or lighting or whatever so these pictures were taken on my iPhone in my living room because I couldn’t be bothered to move to find lighting so sorry but like, not really.

okay so first things first, here she is in all of her beauty. before she got all swatched up and put onto my eyes.IMG_2064

okay not let’s get into the shaddows. I went in and shadows row-by-row so we will go from there. in the first row, I really loved how they all went on and the pigments were all really strong, although it is hard to see those white based colors on my albino skin. I was a little disapointed in the end red shade as it was a little patchy, but the middle shimmery bronze made up for it 100% and I ended up using that one as one of the colors on my eyes todayIMG_2086

okay so onto row two, it is extremely similar to row one disappointed, but the orange shade on the end is a great one for your crease (especially for my other homies out there with blue eyes bc this makes them POP). formula is still wonderful and blends amazingly so I can’t say i have anything terrible to say about it.


aaaand, row three. now we get into my true love, matte browns. lower left corner of this palette is about to get #rekt becasue all of these matte and shimmer browns are to die for. and sticking with the blue eyes popping colors, the end red shade on this row is stunning too and the shimmery white guy is really nice too. no complaints here.IMG_2077

wow surprise surprise, heres row four. this row is almost all shimmers and the pigmentation is amazing. the swatches for all of these were just once over and gave this intense coloring. with this section, I went in and messed with blending them and it was a euphoric experience. 13/10.IMG_2081


ah here we are at last, row five. I am absolutely willing to sell my soul to the end shimmer red shades because because they are my new true love. I also found these last shades to all go on so well, so I’m not sure if this is just becasue I finally learned how to swatch them properly, or because they are actually better formula wise, but regardless I love them all. IMG_2084

okay so there is potentially the worst swatch and review in the entirety on the internet, but it’s all in my language and through my experience, so if I can understand it, anyone can. I used these on my eyes today and was able to really give them all a try and I get the hype now. this palette also was cheaper than any of my other palettes that I own and comes with more shadow than any of them. though I don’t know if this palette will have the same place in my heart as my Naked 1 or my Too Faced Chocolate bar as they were my first “big kid” palettes, this one will get a lot of love for sure. I already have so many combination ideas that I’m excited to try so I can see a few of these colors hitting the pan pretty dang soon.

like I’ve said numerous times now, I’m not trained professional or anything of that caliber, so this “review” is not the holy grail of reviews that I know a lot of people are looking for, but I hope it did a least some justice. also, I guess I can’t really promise anymore that my next post won’t be beauty related, but I can promise you that I’m not a damn beauty blogger.

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