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just because its cheap doesn’t mean it ain’t good

so i decided to run a quick little twitter poll to see what those of you who read this would most like to see, and as of writing this (there’s still an hour left on the poll, sorry, doubt it’ll change too much), a post on my favorite drugstore makeup products is in the lead, so here we go.

sidebar: i was going to include a few skincare items, but theres just too many so i’ll do a separate post on those all another time. also what’s longer this blog title or a fall out boy song title, who knows.

okay, so we’re going to go in the order in which you put on your face to do this. also, prices are all from target because i love target and buy far too many of these things from there.

step one: primer

this one was easy for me. without a doubt, my favorite drugstore primer is NYX’s photo-loving primer. it is, understandably, similar to Smashbox’s photo-finish primer but at just a fraction of the cost ($12.99). i separate go for the green primer to counteract my naturally red skin, but it does also come purple or clear ($9.79) so you’ll be able to find one that works for you.

step two: foundation

okay, i tried to pick just one, but both of these foundations are really pretty good and come at a really good price, so they both had to have a spot. first i have Revlon’s colorstay foundation ($9.99). this is a great foundation for people who want a little bit of a dewy finish, but to still have the matte qualities that make it so you’re not overly oily, so i tend to use this one in the summer over the fall/winter when i want to use just a cheap drugstore foundation. now if you want a more matte finish, i would go for Maybelline’s fit me foundation ($4.99) in “matte + poreless”. i have super oily skin, so especially if i’m not using a really nice primer, i tend to go for a really good matte foundation and this foundation gives a lot of the great coverage and matte qualities that a lot of more expensive brands will give. i won’t lie and say these are just as flawless as the $40 and $50 foundations that you can get at Ulta and Sephora, but these two do give you a whole lot more than you would expect for their prices.

step three: concealer

again, i had to choose two for this one, but only because they both have always uses. first, to cover blemishes and dark spots my favorite drugstore concealer is another from Maybelline’s fit me collection ($4.39). their concealer has a high amount of coverage and lasts for a good long time so your spots won’t come out as the day goes on. my second concealer was one that i plan to rave about for year and years, and that is Maybelline’s instant age rewind concealer ($6.99). i have awful dark under eye circles and this guy covers them up and makes it look like i get more that five hours of sleep a night. this isn’t a concealer to get though if you are only wanting one to cover blemishes though, which is fair enough since that is in no way what it advertises itself to do.

step four: setting powder

i have tried several expensive loose and pressed setting powders, but i still go back to this one 99% of the time. Rimmel’s stay matte pressed powder ($3.99) really and truly has changed my life. i’ll go in and set my face with this in the morning and this keeps my face looking matte and oil free for hours. i don’t have much more to say about this guy other that go get it right now.

step five: contour/bronzer/highlighter

okay, this one was a little difficult. if i’m honest, i don’t really contour too much, simply separate because i’m not too confident that i’m even doing it correctly. i do have a fe contour palettes from here and there, but the only one that i have from the drugstore that i do use a little palette from E.L.F. ($6) that isn’t bad at all. this one i wont try to sell you on too much though, simply because i honestly don’t know much about drugstore contour/highlight/bronzer/whatever so, yes. that.

step six: blush

okay, so i’ve 100% sold my blush-soul to tarte because their blushes are to die for, but i do have one drugstore blush that i just can’t seem to get rid of, and that’s NYC (not NYX) color wheel mosaic face powder. it gives a lot of really intense pigmentation (really great for stage makeup as you can make this stuff BRIGHT) but can easily be just lightly dusted on fro an everyday rosey cheek finish.

step seven: eyes

okay yes, i’m a bit of an eye snob so this will be kinda short and sweet since i don’t have a go to eye primer or shadow palette from the drugstore. those two are items i really recommend saving up and splurging on because both items last FORVER. my first naked palette is now over four years old and i’ve yet to hit the pan on more than one shadow and an eye primer lasts ages since you only use a tiny amount each day. but, i do have a solid eyeliner dupe which is Sonia Kashuk’s felt tip liner ($7.99). it’s very much so comparable to Stila’s and much cheaper. i also have a deep love for Maybelline’s falsies mascara ($5.39). it stays on all day and won’t clump up after a little wear.

step eight: lips

I LOVE LIPSTICK. i plan to make a whole post dedicated to just lipstick so i’m going to keep this kind of short for now as to not rewrite the same thing here eventually, but i’ll just go over the basics for now. now, i only ever wear matte lipsticks because i hate the sticky residue that a lot of non-matte lip products leave, so obviously NYX’s soft matte lip cream ($5.99) is my go to #1 drugstore (and almost in general) lip product. the recommend is incredible, the formula doesn’t dry your lips out, it dries down quickly, i love it. my next favorite is Rimmel’s lipstick, but specifically their kate moss range ($4.99). they glide on smoothly and have the all day lasting finish that i need and have a great range of colors for every occasion that you could ask for.

step nine: finishing spray

well okay another product i for sure have sold my soul to is Urban Decay’s all nighter setting spray, but i know that it’s not something that everyone wants to spend a ton of money on. though it’s not a total dupe, i do love Pixi by Petra makeup fixing mist ($15). though i don’t tend to use this as my finishing setting spray, i do use this one a lot right after i apply my primer to be almost a second primer, and it works wonderfully. so, this could be a step on, or a step nine.

step ten? one? all?: brushes

i hate buying brushes. i would rather spend all of that money on a new lipstick, or a new foundation, or literally anything, so i’m a firm believer in filling in the gaps of nice brushes that you don’t have already with drugstore brushes. though i don’t love all of their makeup products all of the time, E.L.F knows how to make brushes. i’m not going to link this one since linking just one brush is silly, but these brushes range from $1 (!!!) to around $6 which for a brush to do your brows or to blend your bronzer, that’s all you need.

well, there’s that. again, another long one, but (slightly) more organized and with a pigmentation little more depth and meaning. kind of. anyway, i hope this was at least somewhat helpful to those of you who wanted this, and even those of you who didn’t but somehow made it this far. i did do a little poll for this one, so if you have any requests i guess fro something else, lemme know and i’ll add it to my list of things that i might do eventually. or don’t. to each their own. also, i feel as if i can no longer say “i’m not a beauty blogger”, but i can confidently say that i’m not a QUALIFIED beauty blogger. okay bye.


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