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e.l.f: the hits and the misses

there is nothing in this world that i love more than cheap makeup. nothing. i scope out deals and steals and sales like none other because lets face it, no one really wants to spend $50 on foundation. so, naturally, the idea of makeup costing as little as $1 really catches my attention. i have been wearing makeup daily for about 5 years now so it’s safe to say that i’ve made my way through a lot of what e.l.f. has to offer with the price that it is, so today i’m going to share my hits and misses that i’ve come across over the years.


false lashes

while still performing, i was no stranger to false lashes and was also no stranger to losing my false lashes and needing to buy multiple pairs for one performance weekend. also while i was performing, i was very broke so i couldn’t buy six pairs of $15 lashes so when i saw that e.l.f. had false lashes for only $2, they were at least worth a shot. i will say that these lashes are for sure only one use lashes, so be prepared to have to buy multiple pairs, but for $2, it’s not the end of the world. i still buy these now for when i feel like i need to up my game a little and i still love ’em. i would recommend investing in a good lash glue though if you’re needing these to stay on through bigger events like performances since the glue is a little weak, but if you’re just needing them for an easy going event, you’re set.


i am not a contour queen, but i do love me a good bronzer for all over and e.l.f has one of the best drugstore bronzers out there at least that i’ve tried and it’s only $3. it isn’t too warm but gives just enough color to warm up the face as a whole and soften the edges. i wouldn’t recommend this product if you are someone who is super into a full contoured look since it is pretty shimmery but just look at the next product if you want to try some cheap contouring.

contour palette

yeah okay i already said i don’t contour so why did i buy this? honestly i don’t know but i mean it has made my at least toy with full on contouring in the privacy of my home and that’s at least something. the product has good pigmentation for the price at only $6 so if you want to just try out contouring or just want to try some new bronzer or highlight shades, hit this guy up.

studio brushes

i hate buying makeup brushes because they don’t cover my spots or make my lips red so i only buy what i need and i only buy good ones so i don’t have to buy them again and e.l.f. has a few goodies in their studio collection aka their black brushes. i’ll talk about the white ones in my misses, but their black studio collection brushes genuinely are very good brushes. i wouldn’t buy only e.l.f. brushes as not all of them are 100% hits, but if you’re not super into fully beating your face every morning like me, these guys will do the job.

felt tip eyeliner

i love my stila eyeliner more than i’ll likely ever love a man, but when i am sitting at a week before payday and almost no money in my bank account and my eyeliner runs out, i’m not worried because e.l.f. is coming in hot with their felt tip eyeliner that works like a dream. in it’s little white package, it seems pretty unexciting, but inside of that packaging is the best $2 you’ll put on your eyes. this guy is a little difficult to do a wing with and i never use a liquid liner in my water line, but i know people that do and have said this isn’t a great one for that, but for $2 you can line your eye and call it good.



okay. if you would have asked my about two months ago how i felt about e.l.f. primer, i would give you a very different answer than what i’m giving now, but this stuff is not worth the money. not a bit. this product is $6, but my favorite primer of all time ever can also be found at the drugstore and is only $6.50. okay stay with me as i say this, but the best makeup primer ever (i love this stuff okay) is nivea mens sensitive post shave balm. yes, this is an aftershave. yes it is targeted towards men. and yes, it is the best primer i’ve ever used (that means you smashbox and benefit). try it and don’t waste your $6 on e.l.f.’s.

hd setting powder

i had such high hopes for this guy. such high hopes. i just needed a loose powder to bake with and i had seen other people raving about this guy so i gave target my $6 and bought it and was so excited to use it, but guys, it sucks. super chalky and patchy and really just not good. but, i’ve found another new favorite setting powder that is only $6 as well, and it is coty airspun powder. you can get this guy at wal-mart (when it’s in stock) and it is wonderful for baking as well as just setting the face as well. same price, but a world of difference.

matte lip sticks

it’s no news that i love matte lipsticks. i own more matte lip colors than any sane human being should. i could wear a different one each day for over three months and not repeat colors and still have some leftover, so when i saw that e.l.f. had some for only $3 i was over the moon. i have never used a more feathery, patchy, transferring lip color in my life. i cannot stand this product. the colors were so promising as swatched so nicely, but on the mouth is just a disaster. i’ve raved on nyx soft matte lip creams multiple times before and i own every color there is in that collection so obviously it’s a hit and only slightly more expensive at $6. buy those and love them forever.

white brushes

i can’t remember if these brushes have a special name for them and i can’t even be bothered to look it up because they aren’t worth it. these brushes are only $1 so i don’t expect morphe quality, but if you’re selling something, i do expect it to not fall apart after one or two uses. if you’re going for elf brushes, stick with the black ones and you’re good.

skin care

i am a huge skin care freak and i really put a lot of importance on the products that someone uses as part of their skin care routine, and i will never recommend e.l.f. skincare items. with moisturizers and cleansers and masks and all of that important stuff, it really is important to get items of good quality, even if that means that they’re more expensive. i plan on doing a full and in depth post on my favorite high and lower end skin care products eventually, so if that is something that you want to see let me know, but until then, don’t waste your money or your skins health on e.l.f.’s skin care products.


congrats for making it to the end of that massive post. i hope this helps you in deciding what is and isn’t worth buying from e.l.f. and gave you a few alternatives to try. i do hope to do a few more brand specific posts as time goes on, so if there is a brand (high end or drugstore) that you want to see something like this on, let me know and i’ll look through my collection and try a few new guys out to see what they’ve got going for them. i plan on doing one for nyx, tarte, and urban decay for sure so get #hype for those. okay, this has gone long enough. sorry for nearly 1,400 words oops.


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