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preface: this is by no means an unbiased post. i’m angry. i’m fed up. i’m sad. i’m confused.

donald trump is the culmination of every terrible quality that is present in humanity shoved into one badly spray tanned old man. he is a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe, a liar, a bully. he is greedy, unapologetic, sociopathic, sexist, hateful. and he is running for president, and people are voting for him.

i have said before that i accept any and all political beliefs and that i will try my best to see from other peoples points of view, and for the most part, i do. but, when people actively chose to vote for this, i can’t stay quiet. as someone who believes in equality for women, rights for members of the lgbt community, access to women’s healthcare services and more, i’m used to having people see differently and disagree with me. i am however not used to people trying to tell me that an evil man is someone to look up to.

to the people still planning on voting for trump, this is for you.

why and how are you choosing to do this? what about this man makes you believe that he should be the man in charge of this nation? if we took away his republican label, would you still cast your vote for him? if he talked to you or a woman you love like he has spoked to countless women in the past, would you still vote fro him? if he mocked your child with disabilities, would you vote for him? if he spoke so insensitively to you or a friend after your child was killed in action, would you vote for him?

i am by no means in this saying that Hillary is a god-send and is my perfect choice for a presidential candidate (i love you bernie sanders), but if you think even for a moment that she is on the same level as donald, than you have never been more wrong. hillary has had her problems and scandals. but, she has also been one of the only women working in a male dominated world for years. she has made her way to the top through a lot more hard work and determination and dedication to what she believes is right when anyone else would have left because they couldn’t handle it. she has the resilience a president needs and the dedication to this country and ALL of the people who live in it that donald will never have.

if you support donald trump and plan to vote for him this november, i will never understand your decision. i will never be able to see why you believe that he is who you want to represent us as a nation and why he should be calling the shots. i will never understand why you’ll be casting your vote against women’s equality, lgbt safety, women’s health, refugee wellbeing, those living in poverty, etc.

vote this november. have your voice heard. voting is a fundamental right and exercising your right to vote is the most important thing to do and it is the only way to keep hatred out of the white house. register to vote here if you have not already as the deadline for many states has now passed, but for many you still have time.

as you cast your vote, think it all through. think about your children, your wives, your sisters, your friends. imgres

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