rise up

this will end friendships. this will make people dislike me even more than they already do. and i don’t care. not a single bit. because i’m sad, i’m mad, and quite frankly, i’m terrified.

it’s no news that i am not a fan of donalds. this man is a racist, homophobic, misogynistic liar who is currently being tried for the rape of a child. this man is also the president elect of the united states. and 60 million people voted for him to be in that position. and i’m done.

those of you who voted for donald and those of you who say you will not be affected, check your privilege and think about everyone else for a second. by voting the way you did, republicans now have full control over all three branches of government and will soon have the majority in the supreme court. your “family values” and “pro-life” stances have put more lives at risk than you can imagine.

for example, the lgbt community, especially youth. by voting the way that you did, there is a very strong possibility that we will be saying goodbye to the ability to marry whoever it is that we love. i will never have the opportunity to marry a woman regardless of who i chose to love simply because it doesn’t align with the clean-cut family values that have no room for genuine love, acceptance, and equality. just because you chose to put your bible above the love that others have is taking away a freedom that so many have fought for and that so many will now not have a chance to experience.

another massive point is a womens right to chose what happens to her body. this one i have very set opinions and is one that i at this point cannot see the opposite of. this body is mine. i get to chose what happens to it. period. i have sex. i am a human. so, i am on birth control because i’m not about to have a baby. sorry. not happening. i’m also not going to stop having sex because if i’m honest, i just like it and my sexual activity is no ones business besides mine and my partners. so, my birth control and plan b usage is my choice as well. and, if need be, my ability to have an abortion is my choice and my choice only. i can say right now with 100% confidence that if i were to mess up and get pregnant right now, i would have an abortion. that choice affects no one except for me. there is no child. there are cells. and i’m not going to let those cells become anything if i know that i am not able bodied, healthy minded, and financially stable and know that i can support a child. no child deserves to go through the hell hole that is the foster care system and if i had a child right now, sadly, that is where that child would go. so, my right to chose is not something that i am going to give up fighting for, and in case this country decides to take away planned parenthood, the hub for womens health care providing services like breast exams, std treatment, and birth control (surprise: only 3% of the services provided there are abortions so please please PLEASE don’t defund just because you care more about cells than you do about my health), please feel free to donate HERE

one of the biggest issues that is now at stake is the safety of people of color all across the nation. black men and women already live in fear of being killed on the streets daily, muslims fear their places of worship could be gunned down at any moment, and so on and so on. this is the one category that i will never be able to see in its entirety. i will never know their fear. i will never know what it’s like to be so unfairly treated and what it must feel like to be unfairly seen as such terrible things like violent gang members, terrorists, drug smugglers, etc. when the overwhelming majority are nowhere near that. i fear that racism will continue to grow and that i will have to watch more good and innocent humans die simply because of the color of their skin.

building a wall to keep immigrants out is insane. not letting muslims in because we fear terrorisms even when we have more home grown terrorist attacks is insane. not allowing a woman chose what she does with her body is insane. not letting people get married because they don’t fit you’re ideals is insane. america is not the land of the free. america is home to those afraid of progress. we are a country built on people coming here for basic freedoms and now we refuse to let people in and we continue to take away those freedoms.

i will continuously support this country because i do believe that something good is coming. stats show that if voting was done by only millennials, hillary would have ended the day with 504 electoral college votes. 504 electoral college votes for progress and equality that in the coming years, i truly believe will be our reality. but, there are still generations before me who do not and will not see the importance of this progression. so i will fight on for these rights and in four years time i will again cast my vote for everyone in this country and not just the elite few because “when hate and fear seem stronger, we rise and fall and light from dying embers reminds us that hope and love last longer”.

one last call out to those who voted trump. i hope that you’re happy with your choice. i truly do. i hope that you really thought your vote through. i hope your fetus’ and guns were worth it. i hope your heteronormative lifestyles were worth it. i hope you’re unreasonable hatred for hillary was worth it. i have lost respect for you. i will never see why you chose this outcome. i will continue to love you, but with your vote i expect you to no longer love me.

to everyone who is still hurting, i understand. but this is now a call to action for us. we have the right to hurt and to be mad, but we also need to fight back and keep moving as best as we can. write your representatives when you see fit. take part in peaceful protests. don’t let eight years of progress end. remind yourself and those around you to “never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world”

today we mourn. tomorrow we work. in 2018 we take back congress. in 2020 we make sure trump in a one term president.



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