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the future is female

“women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights”


today, we made history.

today we witnessed the largest inaugural protest in history.

all seven continents. all 50 states. over 75 different countries.

750,000 people in los angeles

500,000 in washington

250,00o in chicago

100,000 in london

10,000 paris

5,000 in melbourne

2,000 in anchorage

650 in tokyo

50 in antarctica


men, women, children, all coming together against the newest president of the united states in opposition of his stance and actions against women.

we marched for women and our right to choose and full control of our bodies. we marched for the lgbt community and their right to marry who it is that they love. we marched for children and their futures that are now uncertain.


but, this is only the beginning.

we have a fire started not only in this country but all around the globe. a fire that will not be easily put out or ignored. a fire that will continue to burn for the next four years as we fight to maintain our fundamental rights.


we will continue to call our senators. we will continue to fight for planned parenthood and their necessary existence. we will fight for our right to marry who we love. we will fight fro women to be treated as equals. we will fight against the racist, misogynist, homophobe that is now the leader of our nation.

we will not be silenced.

he is not our president.

we will not stop fighting.


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