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delusional daydreams of a world not on fire

the other day, i saw an article that made me do a like, quadruple take. this article right here was going all around twitter because it uh, sucks. the article itself has some good analysis on life as we continue to live through this true climate crisis, but can really just be summed up by this tweet:

we are living in a world that is falling apart and honestly, it’s the things like what is highlighted throughout this article that leaves me thinking “what the fuck am i doing?”

the way in which my day to day impacts the greater good is not massive, unfortunately. my canvas grocery bags and reusable water bottle will not counteract the oil and gas companies that are causing irreversiable damage to our environment. my dillagent mask wearing and vaccination status won’t change the minds of the delusional people that refuse to enact any sense of kindness or compassion to those around them. my progressive political views won’t change the conservatives stances that are passing disgusting abortion laws that cause only harm.

i know i am not alone in my stance in these feelings, and that’s why so many young people find themselves in this headspace of “what’s the fucking point” because, truly, what it is?

we are doing literally everything that we can to get back to these “precedented times” and even have the gaul to try and make the future better than it is now and has been in the past. the problem is, we’re up against mega-billionaires and a corrupt government and selfish fucking neighbors and with all of that fighting against us, you get left in a place where you can’t fight anymore. a place where you just have to accept that things are just going to get, unfortunately, worse.

honestly, for myself i can sum it all up by just saying that at this point, i’m tired. i’m tired of begging for other people to do the right thing and what their community, the nation, the fucking WORLD, needs from them. settling to living in these new “unprecedented times” as the new normal is just, what it is, and young people are just, like i said, tired.

it’s hard to remain hopeful. i’ve started to daydream about this idealized version of the future that is abundant with green energy, compassionate (and fucking vaccinated) communities designed to help the less fortunate around them, the elimination of the entire republican party (moderate dems, you’re on THIN ice). i know that my actions alone will never make this a reality, and with the tragically large number of people that i have the privilege of coexisting with actively working against this, i know this future gets to live in my head until i die. or until the world just fully engulfs in flame. whichever comes first i guess.

i don’t have a solution for this whole pile of garbage to end on. god, if i did, i sure as hell wouldn’t still be writing here that’s for sure. i guess all i REALLY have to say is, ugh. i want to live in a world that i’m proud of and with people that care. i want to imagine a future that isn’t plagued by impending climate disasters or literal culture wars. i want to be proud of where i live and what it stands for. but as the past few years especially have shown, that is a just a dream.

i will continue to do everything in my power to pave the way for this future one tiny piece of gravel at a time though, even when it feels like a waste. voting, recycling, getting vaccinated, these things all start to feel like nothing as time goes on, and though alone it honestly is, with more people working together it’s all at least a start and the catalyst for larger scale action that we cannot individually achieve. so there, you can have that as your “call to action”. go vote and recycle, dammit.

here’s to the future though. prove me wrong world, i dare you.

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