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ball[et] is life

so, in case you somehow have managed to not see anything i’ve ever posted about anything ever, i was a ballet dancer with ballet midwest and at barbara’s conservatory of dance for years and years and years. i danced from the time i was about 6 and saw my first nutcracker performance until i graduated… Continue reading ball[et] is life

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surprise, i don’t hate everything

today we’re going to stray from my typical style of post about political garbage and how my life is slowly falling apart around me as i perfect my brand of self deprecation in the form of comedy, to bring you a format of post that we’ve all grown to “love” thanks to the “peak” of journalism and online… Continue reading surprise, i don’t hate everything

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my god loves the gays and you should too

i’ve wanted to make this post since i first started this blog but i am genuinely terrified at the thought of how certain people could potentially react. so, to start, don’t come at me with hostility and confrontation, but instead just read along and maybe learn a thing or two and if you don’t, fine, theres a little… Continue reading my god loves the gays and you should too