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is this thing still on?

so. long time no posting. no, i didn’t forget my password, no i didn’t delete this account, no i didn’t stop writing. quite the opposite honestly. over the past five months i have actually written out more posts than i had previously. last month alone i think i wrote about four or five. then, abby,… Continue reading is this thing still on?

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the future is female

“women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights” today, we made history. today we witnessed the largest inaugural protest in history. all seven continents. all 50 states. over 75 different countries. 750,000 people in los angeles 500,000 in washington 250,00o in chicago 100,000 in london 10,000 paris 5,000 in melbourne 2,000 in anchorage… Continue reading the future is female