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my god loves the gays and you should too

i’ve wanted to make this post since i first started this blog but i am genuinely terrified at the thought of how certain people could potentially react. so, to start, don’t come at me with hostility and confrontation, but instead just read along and maybe learn a thing or two and if you don’t, fine, theres a little red x in the corner of your screen. alright. lets get into it.


my god is full of love and compassion and because of that, i am a christian, but i also will fight for equality for everyone, including those who identify as LGBT, until the day that i die.

i’m sick of thinking that i cannot believe in my god simply because i’m not full of the hatred that many people that call themselves christians are. for months now i’ve had to reevaluate a lot of what i thought i believed because as far as i’m concerned, if god truly is this hatful man that is telling his people to pass bills that allow and encourage discrimination and won’t allow someone to love someone else, i don’t want to believe that that man is the one who holds my heart and has saved my soul.

but, surprise, that’s not the case.

to begin my argument, we’ll start with good ‘ol leviticus 18:22. “do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman”. okay, like, i get it, but if this is your only argument, here is where i challenge you.

leviticus 18:19 says that you can’t have sex with a woman while she’s on her period. that’s literally only 3 verses prior to the base of this argument, yet i can guarantee no ones going to jail because of period sex. if i’m wrong, please, let me know. i’d love to read the court case on that guy.

next, we move into leviticus 19. i’ll skip over 19:15, “do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly” because thats an entire post in its self because some of you still don’t quite grasp #blacklivesmatter but, we’ll come back to that some day.

alright, lets dive into 19:19 where it states that we are also not allowed to mate two different animals (ligers are pretty dope tbh), not allowed to plant two kinds of seeds in a field, and do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of materials. i mean just based on clothing, i’m on my way to hell going at full force now.

as we move along through leviticus 19, i do have some questions on verses 20-22 because i’m pretty sure at this point its being said that sleeping with a slave that was “promised to another man” is forgivable if a man offers the head of a ram, but if i wear a mixed cotton blend, i’m damned, but that could just be a readers error.

lets hit up 19:26 now shall we? i hope all of you who like your steak nice and rare are cool with meeting me and my polyester and cotton t-shirt because eating meat with any blood still in it is against the rules too.

ah, 19:33. “when a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them”. i mean, turning away refugees, discriminating against people of color in the workplace, wanting to deport hard working immigrants, etc, obviously doesn’t count though, right? right.

oh, this is my favorite. 19:35, “do not use dishonest standards when measuring length, weight, or quantity”. i mean i guess either my idea of what eight inches is is wrong, or we’ve got a few guys heading on down to hell with me.

you know, we’re going to stop there. if you try to argue in any way that these are “old and don’t fit with society today”, i’ll point you right back to your favorite verse, leviticus 18:22 and tell you the same thing. my god isn’t going to damn me to hell because i like to mix my materials in my clothing, have eaten a rare steak, or have had sex on my period, just like he’s not sending good, honest people to hell just because they are full of love for someone of the same sex. end of story.IMG_8991

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